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Brad has a passion for sharing his extensive knowledge on the clinical management of autoimmune disease with clients, students, researchers and health professions. His engaging and inspiring styles of explaining complex topics have captured the attention of individuals from around the world. While sharing his vast experience, Brad draws upon his 10 years within the complementary medicine profession (clinical practice and research) to provide his clients with practical and evidence-based treatment methods for the management of autoimmune diseases.

Get Your Health Back

Brad has been an invited presenter for the ‘Get Your Health Back Series’ with the best selling author Don Chisholm. Below are the links to the YouTube interviews.

Episode 79: Increase of Auto-Immune Disease with Brad Leech
– Episode 82: Warning Signs of Autoimmune Disease
– Episode 87: Why it’s Important to Catch Autoimmune Disease Early
– Episode 91: Could Your Medication Be Depleting Something Vital
– Episode 95: Can damage from poor eating be reversed?
– Episode 99: Are Some People Obsessed with their Diseased State?
– Episode 102: The Benefits of Herbs with Practitioners Brad Leech
– Episode 106: How Amalgams Can Affect Your Immune System
– Episode 111: You can’t outrun a bad diet, with Brad Leech
– Episode 115: What’s the most important health factor?
– Episode 05 Season 2: You Can’t Outrun A Bad Diet

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Have a listen to the Podcast Brad was featured in where he talks about the four modifiable risk facts of autoimmune disease development and how to manage autoimmune disease using a functional medicine approach HERE.

HSW 34: Shift Work and Autoimmune Disease with Nutritionist Brad Leech

Flowchart: The potential correlation shift workers may have to the development and progression of particular Autoimmune diseases.

Brad Leech discusses his research into intestinal permeability risk factors on FX Medicine

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