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Facilitating critical thinking and robust understanding of our future healthcare practitioners is not only my passion; teaching integrative medicine is my purpose. My goal is to enable my students to describe complex topics and apply their knowledge throughout a diverse range of clinical and non-clinical situations. I hope students come away from my teaching with the same passion and curiosity as I have for integrative medicine.
~ Brad Leech ~

Get Your Health Back

Brad has been an invited presenter for the ‘Get Your Health Back Series’ with the best selling author Don Chisholm. Below are the links to the YouTube interviews.

Catch Autoimmunity Early

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Increase of Autoimmune Diseases

Warning Signs for Autoimmunity

Medication & Nutrient Depletion

Benefits of Herbs

Disease Obsession

Risk of Poor Eating

Amalgams & Your Immune System

You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet

Most Important Health Factors

Diet & Disease

Gut-Brain Connection

Reducing Inflammation in the Gut

Leaky Gut & Disease

Myths About Probiotics

Autoimmune Disease and the ACE Study

Malnutrition & Obesity

Hydration and water

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Leaky Gut Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

In this Podcast, Brad takes us through the origins of intestinal permeability, how to assess it and why we need to be careful about calling it “leaky gut” as it doesn’t reflect current scientific opinion. Download the Podcast HERE.

Shift Work and Autoimmune Disease

In this Podcast, Brad discusses the four modifiable risk facts of autoimmune disease development and how to manage autoimmune disease using a functional medicine approach. Download the Podcast HERE.

Translating Intestinal Permeability Science to Clinical Practice

In this Podcast, Brad discusses intestinal permeability from an evidence-based perspective including topics such as risk factors, disease associations, assessment and treatment.

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